As an editor with seven years’ experience with independent and mainstream publishers, I can help you make your writing sharper and smoother, your ideas clearer and more accessible, your plot more coherent or a little more exciting. 

I like getting stuck into projects, and I'm comfortable with all the messy stages of bringing a book to life, from brainstorming to drafting, from re-(re)-rewriting to pitching and printing. Services on offer include mentoring, manuscript assessment, developmental editing, stylistic work, ghostwriting, copy-editing, proofreading… and any other level of support your project might need. 

Whether you’re looking for a fully rewritten manuscript or just for a final tidy; whether you’re in need of a fresh perspective on your story or just hoping for some advice on structure or style, I’m happy to adapt to your needs and tailor my work to your project, whether that’s the seed of a new idea or a finished manuscript.

After all, you’re the first pen.


Since 2012, I’ve worked as an editor for Arcadian Lifestyle Publishing, an independent publishing house with offices in London and Geneva, shepherded by Bloomsbury and Oxford University Press. I have worked for the company freelance for the last six years.

As a freelance copyeditor and proofreader, I have also worked with Faber & Faber, Canelo, Head of Zeus, Unbound, Joffe Books, Gallic Books, Fairlight, White Mountain Books and Whitefox Publishing Services. I'm familiar with digital work, including OCR editing and PDF markup, and am comfortable working across the UK/US divide.  

Meanwhile, I provide mentoring and manuscript assessment services via Cornerstones and Reedsy. In parallel to my ghostwriting work, I take on fiction and memoir manuscripts from private clients in order to fix them up for self-publishing or submission to agents.

I’m particularly interested in working on: both literary and commercial fiction, autobiography and memoir, experimental writing, travel writing & books with a strong sense of place, magical realism, myths and folktales, raunch and romance, historical fiction, sprawling sagas – and nonfiction projects relating to food, music, or language.

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