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Elodie has worked on a number of titles in translation for Pushkin Press, including proofreading the International Booker Shortlisted When We Cease to Understand the World. She provides sensible, clearly communicated copyedits and a keen, concise and reliable proofreading eye. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

India Darsley, Managing Editor, Pushkin Press

Elodie is the best kind of editor: meticulous, spirited, and most important of all, utterly reliable. She brings an internationally hardened editor's judicious and experienced eye to every project. I recommend her services without hesitation, whatever your genre or project.

Simon Collinson, Digital Editor, Canelo

Elodie is amazing. We’ve just completed the first round of developmental edit for my debut historical novel. Elodie is very responsive and supportive, and I love her sense of humor. Her suggestions are clear, specific, and immensely helpful in every cut: plotting, characterization, scene building, and coloring the text. I can see the novel’s texture becoming richer as I’m incorporating her recommendations, which bring places and characters to life.

Katya Kuleshova, debut novelist

Elodie is a remarkable young editor who improved my work significantly and exceeded expectations in all respects. She made sensible comments and has treated my manuscript with care and attention to detail. She is professional and timely. I could not recommend her highly enough.

J.B. Valbere, published author

Elodie’s excellent report on my novel gave me the courage to ask for her help in editing my poetry. Elodie was exacting in her criticism, and while finely attuned to the value of each word, she remained sensitive to the nuances of what I was trying to do and to say with each poem.

Ruth Hartley, published novelist and poet

The feedback I received from Elodie was exactly what I wanted. She was clear and thoughtful in her comments. Her observations encouraged me to dig deeper into character motivations and plot structure. She gave me insight from a readers/editors point of view. Most importantly, I knew what my next steps should be towards improving the manuscript.

Andrée Kubilus, debut novelist

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