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Translation is a precise art, and a fluid one too. Beyond pure transposition, what interests me most is the process of shifting the essence of a piece of writing – tone, voice, a spark of humour – from one language into another. As an experienced bilingual writer offering high-quality and literary translation, my projects over the last years have included art film subtitles, museum brochures, concert programme notes, magazine articles, music reviews, short stories and poetry. 

Nowadays, my experience in linguistic bridge-crossing is of most use to me as an editor specialising in translated fiction. I love the focus on syntax and style; I love the minutiae of puzzle-solving; I love the strange bits of cross-cultural research my job entails, whether that means pawing through a page on Hungarian Wikipedia or zooming in on a map of Cairo to check the English form of the street names. 

As an editor, I’ve recently worked on contemporary fiction for Faber and Faber, on poetry translated from Syrian Arabic for White Mountain Books, and on a series of classic European novels for Pushkin Press. 

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