Maybe you have a glittering idea but no time to make it gold. Maybe you have something to teach, something to share. Maybe you know somebody with a life worth talking about, or there’s a wonderful manuscript gathering dust in your drawer because you couldn’t figure out how the story ends.

An experienced and internationally-published ghostwriter with seven books to someone else’s name, I love working with other people’s words and telling other people’s stories. 

I’ll take you through your project from start to finish: from concept to structuring, from research to drafting, from editing to final proofreading. No matter what you want to write, or how you want to write it, we’ll work together every step of the way. 


As The Second Pen, for my British, Swiss and French clients, I’ve ghostwritten: 

• a published autobiographical novel – an East-West coming of age story 

• a published retro thriller

• a published book about the secrets and setbacks of the Swiss banking world

• a published book of humorous short stories

• a published book of personal and philosophical essays

• a self-published memoir 

• a published novel about unanswered questions in science and philosophy

• a cross-cultural romance set on the Côte d'Azur

• music and book reviews

• web copywriting/storytelling for an international luxury brand 

I'm currently working on

• a cookbook 

• two different historical novels

• a book of poetry in translation


A question? An idea? A project?



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